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Download Requiem 3.3.4


Download Requiem 3.3.5

For iTunes 10.5 through 10.5.3. Mac/x86 (OSX 10.5+) and Windows.

Official site: http://tag3ulp55xczs3pn.onion.
To reachthe site using Tor.(

Official Download:,,


Download Requiem 3.3.6

The author of Requiem, Brahms, has quit the project and officially announced there won’t be any update on Requiem.

The latest version of Requiem is 4.1, but all the versions after 3.3.6 has removed the support of iBooks decryption.

Requiem 3.3.6 has fixed some bugs upon 3.3.5. You can download this version from official site.


Pay for a successful decryption guarantee

Many people report that they fail to remove DRM from iBooks with Requiem. That’s because they are using this tool in a inappropriate way.

After some hard works, we have found the reasons and compiled a detailed PDF about how to use Requiem to successfully decrypt iBooks, what’s more, you can also get the access to hundreds of free books in this PDF.

Success guarantee + hundreds of books (not public domains) + tech support = $39.99

Purchase link for Windows users:

Purchase link for Mac users:



  1. What you are buying is our service, and for any reason you are failed to remove DRM from iBooks, you are guaranteed to get your money back!
  2. After you check out on Paypal, you will receive an email from us, it offers you the download link of our service package and the contact email.
  3. For any problem you meet when decrypting iBooks, you are having our tech support for 7*12.


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